White Rhino Slot Review

Check out White Rhino Slot Review for online gaming never experienced before. Get caught in the action with this African safari themed slot.

White Rhino: Play for huge monetary rewards

Experience the African safari with this wonderful slot. It features the authenticity and beauty which can be found on an African safari. Play White Rhino Real Time Gaming and get free spins on the jackpot. This slots online game gives you 25 paylines with 5 reels, giving each player an unconventional gaming avenue. The game offers spin bonuses and progressive jackpots. Players can select coin sizes ranging from 0.01 to 5.00 with the maximum bet being 25 coins per spin. Just like the real African safari this slot has wild symbols which appear stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4 meaning that you can get big multiline wins.

Check out White Rhino Slots Online for Incredible Gaming

White Rhino is a 25 line video slot inspired by the African safari. This real time gaming slot showcases the wonders of the wild through its theme. Once you open this game on your mobile you get to appreciate the intricate details put in place when making the game. You will get 5 reels, 25 line video slots with betting starting from 0.01 to 5.00, with the maximum betting being 25 coins. This allows you multiline wins on a single spin. During regular play the top line win gets you 10,000 coins for the five lady symbols. With all 3 wild reels, you should win huge amounts but RTG rules cap the maximum that can be won to 50,000 coins. The next highest paying line after the top line is the second line with 2500 coins for five cars.

The third highest paying line in White Rhino is the third line for 1000 coins for five gorillas. It has three spin features. The first of these is the re-spin bonus which is triggered by three scattered Kilimanjaro symbols aligned left to right and any triggering scatters are held thereby giving you a 3 spin bonus. The second free spin is a guide feature which is triggered by 3 or more scatter guide symbols. The final free spin is triggered by the white rhino symbol itself. Getting one on lines 2,3 and four awards you 3 free spins and 3 free games. The coins per line feature enables you to have maximum wins by placing your stakes on the different paylines. This real time gaming slot sets an environment for real big wins.

Standard reel, scatters and free spins

This game offers you different opportunities to win through the different symbols on the real time game. It gives players different symbols representing its African safari theme such as Kilimanjaro and white rhino along with cars and lady symbols. It features 5 reels and 25 line video slots with different free spins which can hugely increase your chances of winning big with this online casino. It also gives players chances to bet on different lines, setting up a player for possible multiline wins on a single spin.

Jackpots and Free spins; Potential for Huge Wins

White Rhino offers three different kinds of free spins. These free spins are triggered by different scatters when playing the game. The first free spin is triggered by three scattered Kilimanjaro. The second is triggered by 3 scatter guide symbols while the third is triggered by the white rhino itself. These bonus spins allow a player to play multiple times thus increasing their chances of winning big with this online casino game on a single spin.

White Rhino offers a wonderful Jackpot but due to RTG rules, the jackpot is capped at 50,000 coins. You can play this online game through the free guide feature or even bet for the huge payout by playing the different reels and video slots. White Rhino still remains the most exciting slot and is a fun way of passing time and still having the possibility of hitting it big on a single play through the bonuses and free spins offered.

White Rhino Slot: a Wild and Fun Online Video Slot

White Rhino basically gives you a wonderful experience especially if you like having fun in the wild. It gives you a thrilling African Themed slot which is stacked to enable you to play an interesting and fun game. If you like to play while on the go then this mobile casino is perfect for you big win seekers. Get a deposit bonus when you start out and enjoy the slot. You will surely be interested and engaged with this game.

  • 5 reels
  • 25 line video slot
  • Big Multi-line wins

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