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Skrill Casino Bank Guide for Canadians

Skrill is an e-wallet, that allows you to manage your payments and withdrawals online. You can manage your money fast and easy thanks to Skrill casino offers, and its service and generous offers are becoming more and more popular across many of the major online casinos in Canada. Getting started is a breeze and using […]

Skrill is an e-wallet, that allows you to manage your payments and withdrawals online. You can manage your money fast and easy thanks to Skrill casino offers, and its service and generous offers are becoming more and more popular across many of the major online casinos in Canada. Getting started is a breeze and using it on a daily basis does not cause much trouble either. Connect your personal bank account and e-mail address to this payment provider and you will be able to receive or send money in a secure and almost effortless manner. You can use it for online purchases and transactions without the need to share your bank or credit card details ever again.

  • Considered as one of the worlds most popular and secure payment options
  • Available in +200 countries and with over 25 million users
  • User-friendly and with low fees

Using Skrill for Online Casinos

When it comes to making a decision about choosing a suitable payment method for online casino activity, users are faced with many available options. Skrill is one of the possibilities for all your casino needs. As all banking options, it has its advantages and drawbacks. It is one of the fastest ways to make secure money transfers online. All transactions are handled in real time, so you receive money almost instantaneously. In addition, registering and linking your bank account and credit or debit card is free. No more worrying about hidden transaction fees that you normally need to watch out for online.

On your next casino adventure, make sure to check out the banking options that are offered by the different sites. Almost every Canadian site offers this banking option and that sort of concludes the reliability of Skrill. One of the major perks of this payment method is that it has one of the lowest fees available for worldwide transactions. You may ask yourself why this is important? Many of the online casinos are owned by companies that are based outside of Canada which means that any payment to and/or from them are taking place outside the country. Hence the importance of low international transaction fees.

Opening a Skrill account

It is very easy to open a Skrill account and the benefits are many. This payment method is accepted by all major casinos, bookmakers as well as poker rooms. You simply go to Skrill.com and follow the instructions for setting up a new account. You will then register your email address and choose a suitable password. Your email address will always be your username. Once you are past the first stage, you will enter your bank account details and any credit or debit card details that you wish to have linked with the account and your skrill casino online. As part of the secure verification, a deposit will be charged to your bank account. This may take a few days to show up on your bank statement. Once view-able you will go ahead and confirm the deposit, either by entering the amount charged or the numeric code that will be stated in the transaction details. As soon as this is done you can use this method for any future gaming needs.

Using Skrill in Canada

Skrill is widely available across a majority of the online casinos in Canada. And given its popularity and worldwide users, it would be advisable to back away from any casino that does not list it as an option. Skrill is one of the providers that encourages online gambling which also means that they offer exclusive casino offers and bonuses. It is easy to make a casino skrill withdrawal or any other type of online transaction. A thing to remember is to check the spam folder in your email to ensure that any information regarding this provider has not ended up in the wrong folder. It is common that email providers detects any unknown information from payment providers as spam.

Fees and Limits

There are no fees when you join Skrill. However there are fees involved for funding or withdrawing your casino accounts. When you withdraw money from your e-wallet to your personal bank account or Swift account you pay a fee equaling to approximately $7.98 CAD per transaction. You pay 3% if you wish to fund your account via Neteller. There is a 2-3% fee when converting a different currency via this payment method. Remember that it is always free to receive money with Skrill. If you want to send money you pay 1.9%, with a capped amount of max $29 CAD. If you compare the above fees with any other payment method, you will notice that it offers one of the lowest fees available on the market. This is convenient when you prefer to bet those valuable funds of yours on exciting games, rather than loosing too much just by paying excessive fees.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Skrill

The benefits of using Skrill as a payment option are many. One of the main perks are the instant transfers to your e-wallet which means that you don’t need to provide your credit card number or your private bank account number. This makes the payment 100% safe. There are not many payment providers that offers such instant access as this payment method does. You no longer need to sit and roll your thumbs whilst waiting for the money to appear in your account. There are also Skrill casino offers available that you can view via the website, on the fair right corner, by clicking the link that reads “Skrill for betting/Instant ways to bet”. New users can here claim free spins, cash bonuses and get matched deposits up to a certain percentage. Full details and any limitations relating to offers are available on the site. For an extra fee you can also sign up for a pre-paid Mastercard that can be used online or in any store who has the Mastercard Acceptance mark.

One thing that needs to be mentioned when using Skrill is that it takes a couple of days for the first time user. In the registration part you are required to verify your bank account. This is done by a casino skrill deposit. Skrill simply charges your account with a deposit, and you are then required to confirm the actual deposit amount via their site. You can also confirm it via a numeric code that will be listed in the transaction details in your bank account. This is obviously done for the safety and secureness of your own funds, but the casino player who is eager to use this payment method needs to have patience as a first time user. The deposit process is a one time safety measurement which usually takes a couple of days.

  • No need to provide personal bank account number or credit card number – just transfer funds directly from Skrill
  • You can easily deposit and withdraw funds from your casino account
  • You log in to Skrill directly via your casino account
  • The verification process takes a few days – important to note in case you are an impatient player who needs immediate access to money

Review of Skrill as a payment method

Skrill is an excellent payment method for all online gamblers. Apart from offering smooth and instant transfers they also promote and encourage their service specifically for anyone who is an avid user of online casinos. Skrill also offers exciting sign-up bonuses and free spins to any new users. The service is praised by many users in forums online where word has spread about its instant access and low fees. This is a great and reliable service for anyone who is frequently using online casinos since you can easily get your hands on any successful winnings. The only noticeable downside could be the initial verification process of the bank account, but this is quickly outweighed by the other benefits that are on offer, once the account is active.

Skrill FAQ

Is Skrill a safe choice?

Skrill is indeed a very safe choice for all your online gambling needs. The high number of worldwide users proofs this fact. Another secure benefit is that you don’t need to provide any credit card details or bank account numbers via the casino sites as you will already have these registered in your Skrill account.

Is it accepted in online casinos?

This payment method is accepted by all major Canadian online casinos, poker rooms and book makers. You will find it listed on the landing page alongside other accepted methods. Skrill is also encouraging online gambling via their many offers and their dedicated gambling section. You will in other words be backed up by a secure, widely available payment provider.

How fast are the transactions?

The speed of the transactions are one of the main benefits of using Skrill. The funds are available instantly so you no longer have to wait for your deposited money, you can start playing straight away. If you are having great success you will also enjoy the fast pay outs.

Are there any high fees or charges involved?

There will be charges involved, as with any online payment method out there. But the charges involved are low in comparison to other providers that offers the same type of service. Signing up for Skrill is free, as well as using Swift. It costs to send money or upload funds and the charges are ranging between 1.9%-3% depending on which method you use.

Is it easy to set up an account?

Setting up an account with Skrill is very easy. You simply sign up by entering your email address and choosing a password via skrill.com. Once your login is complete you will link your credit or debitcard and bank account directly with Skrill. When you log into your casino account you will be able to connect it directly with your Skrill online casino account.

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