Reel Rush Slot Review

Reel Rush Slot Review outlines the excellent features of this nostalgic nod to Super Mario Bros, with a bonus game feel for the entire gameplay.

Play Reel Rush Today and Enjoy the Sweet Rewards

The Reel Rush Slot produced by NetEnt is one of those of games that you just have to try. The producers of this game are well known for creating graphically beautiful and entertaining slots; this one is no different and with a tip of the hat to Super Mario Bros how could they go wrong. The slot features 5 reels and a possible 3125 ways to win if you are able to activate the free spins feature. All of the symbols look like candy and there is a real ‘game’ feel to this slots online game. The symbols are all the same however they are distinguishable from their size, candy starts small as the lowest value and the bigger they get the bigger the value they have. You can try the game out for free or play for real money for the chance to win the bonus prizes or even hit the jackpot.

Magic Candy, Free Spins, and a Great Bonus Feature

The Reel Rush Slot by NetEnt looks, feels and sounds as if it has been pulled straight of the 80’s and 90’s which we love because it makes us truly nostalgic for the simpler time. As with all NetEnt software, a significant amount of care and thought has been put into this game to make it as simple as possible to play. However, as with all online casino games, there are some features that you should be aware of to make your experience as good as possible. For instance, the payline unlock feature, which how you can win 3125 ways. Which means that within the standard game you have 45 ways to win, after your 1st win you will have 135 payline. The 2nd win takes you to 405 paylines and so on and so on until you reach 3125 paylines; which is incredible. Each time you win, you will be given a free spin. If you are lucky enough to win 5 in a row, you will get the whole board and activate the free spins feature. The game is also available to play on your mobile devices, both Android and iOS systems; meaning you can enjoy this nostalgic slot game where you are.

To begin playing the Reel Rush slot first, you must adjust your bet level and coin value, the ‘level’ button will alter the bet level. You can change the coin value using the ‘coin value’ selector; bet anywhere from 0.01 to 0.2. You can also choose to simply push Max Bet which will wager the maximum amount allowed within the game and to make it even easier you can also choose the Autoplay feature, so everything becomes fully automated. The estimated RTP (Return to Player) for this game is 97% which is good by any standards; this comes from the enormous number of paylines that are available. The whole game has a bonus game like feeling to it, which only adds to the excitement and anticipation while you are playing.

Sweet Candy and Symbols For the Win

Reel Rush has a very nostalgic graphic base as stated above. Each of the symbols represents a particular fruit, the value of these symbols is only distinguished by their size. Where the larger symbols have the highest value and the smallest ones the lowest value. However, there are some symbols that you should take note of. There is, of course, the Wild symbol, which is reminiscent of the stars that you used to receive in Mario Brothers. It is a brown symbol with the world Wild on it. The only symbol on the reels are the ‘R’ symbols that block off certain paylines until you win games.

Bonuses, Free Spins and Jackpots

Free spins are the most exciting part of any online slots game. Although it is quite difficult to achieve the maximum amount of free spins in this game, each time you win one game you will receive a free spin. If you win five rounds in a row, you will be rewarded with eight spins for free.

Reel Rush is almost like one giant bonus game within itself. The way you can scratch off two ‘R’ symbols for every win you achieve, and the anticipation of getting five wins to be rewarded with the free spins makes a bonus game on top of the base game irrelevant. The primary focus of a bonus feature is to raise the anticipation and help players increase their chance of winning, but this feature has been built into the base game to ensure maximum entertainment throughout the whole gameplay.

If you are looking to win the Jackpot in Reel Rush slot, then you won’t be disappointed. The jackpot is a whopping 1000 coins and can be achieved if you are able to spin and reveal five strawberries on an active payline. But as with most slots online games these days the real money comes from the bonus games and free spins. But it is always nice to hit the big one!

The Reel Rush Slot Verdict is in

What can we say? We are suckers for nostalgic slot games like Reel Rush. Although it may not be found on the best casino games list anymore, it is worth checking out. If you are or were a fan of Super Mario Bros, then this will entertain and delight you to no end. The bonus like feel to the whole game and the free spins that you get after each win is certainly a reason to play a couple of rounds of this slots online game.

  • Bonus like feel to the whole game
  • Free spin after each individual win
  • The nostalgic nod to Super Mario Bros

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