Lucky Stars Slot Review

This Lucky Stars Slot Review will give you insightful tips on how to get correct symbols on pay lines for great and unbelievable wins.

Big Wins On Lucky Stars Video Slots

Lucky Stars video slots is an incredibly thrilling game that lets a player win big prizes including a cool jackpot of 10,000 coins. Developed by the world’s re-known gurus, Microgaming. It comes with free spins and bonus rounds that increase a player’s chances of hitting a combination that guarantees enticing payouts. This game is available for you on slots online. It comes with a zodiac symbol, and its 12 stars represent the wild symbol, while the globe is the scatter symbol. With such familiar symbols, any casino lover should give it a try on its generous pay lines and record wins of fantastic prizes.

How To Play The Lucky Stars Slot Game

Lucky Stars is a fresh and fun video slot game developed by Microgaming slot company. It comes with rules and strategies that any player can quickly grasp. Whether on Microgaming online sites or in housed casino platforms, prospective players should furnish themselves with these guidelines to ensure winning combinations match. Lucky Stars video slots have five reels and 25 pay lines to wage on. The maximum number of coins placed per bet line is 20. It means that with 20 pay lines one can stake up to 400 coins per single game. Regarding the sizes, the coin range is from $0.01 to $0.25. With such a range, players can put up a maximum stake of up to $100 in a single game and hope to win big.

With the right combination of the globe and zodiac wheel symbols on pay lines, a player will qualify for free spins, bonus rounds, and a cool progressive jackpot. In the lucky stars casino game, the globe represents the wild feature. It can replace all other non-scatter symbols hence upgrading a player’s bankroll. For one to qualify for a progressive jackpot that rewards a whole 1,000 coins, he must get a minimum of five globe symbols on any of the pay lines. If he gets a minimum of three globes on an active pay line, he shall qualify for seven free spins and a bonus round. The zodiac wheel is also an important symbol in the game of lucky stars slots. It is the scatter of the game, and if during the game, two to five of them pop up, a player’s payout is boosted by a multiplier of between 2X to 200X.

Lucky Stars Wild And Scatter Symbols

Lucky Stars video slots usually come with symbols that are widespread and familiar to players across the gaming world; they include the zodiac wheel, the globe, and four other elements. The zodiac wheel and its 12 stars represent the scatter meaning it cannot be replaced by the wild. The globe symbol represents the wild and can substitute all non-scatters.

The Lucky Stars Free Spins, Jackpot, and Bonuses

The lucky stars video slot free spins are quite simple to trigger. Like in most casino games, this feature will boost a player’s chances of getting a more successful combination. As such, free spins are activated when a player obtains a minimum of three globes (wilds) on an active pay line during the game-play.

In lucky stars video slots, the bonus game is a feature that will enticingly attract both new and old time casino lovers because it be can be activated by simple moves during gameplay. All a player needs is to get three globe symbols on an active pay line, and he shall qualify for free spins and a bonus game attached.

The Jackpot feature of any game involving a stake refers to the highest prize that a player can win. In the lucky stars video slots, a player is capable of winning an incredible regular jackpot of 10,000 coins. But for one to strike such a prize, he must get five globe symbols on an active pay-line.

Big Jackpots And Bonuses On Lucky Stars Slot!

Any casino games enthusiasts out there should give it a try on lucky stars for it is among the best casino games across the gaming world. With common symbols like the zodiac wheel and the wild globe, this games has five reels and 20 payout lines which are tailor-made to accommodate the demands of any modern day casino lover. Whether in land-based casinos or slots on mobile devices, this game comes with reasonable rules and strategies that will enable any player to strike a win on his stake quickly.

  • Five reels and 25 pay lines
  • Jackpot of 10,000 coins
  • Maximum bet per line is 20 coins

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