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In a bid to woo new slot players, a vast number of online casinos resort to offering sign up offers which may come in the form of a deposit or no deposit bonus, free credits or free spins. In particular, free spins are an awesome way means of attracting new players as they give players […]

In a bid to woo new slot players, a vast number of online casinos resort to offering sign up offers which may come in the form of a deposit or no deposit bonus, free credits or free spins. In particular, free spins are an awesome way means of attracting new players as they give players a chance to try out games in the casino such as slots and possibly win huge payouts which further increases their bankroll. Smart players or players favoured by lady luck can take advantage of these promotions to not only start a bankroll but also to build it up without having to deposit their own cash. However, there exist some terms and conditions attached to these offers which differ from one casino to another and may render it hard to build up a bankroll from such offers. Consequently, you’ll have to deposit money into your account at some point.

Types Of Free Spin Bonuses When Playing Slots

A free spins casino bonus may come in three forms. First, it may come as a deposit bonus. As such, a casino will require you to deposit a minimum amount of cash to qualify for this offer. Minimum deposits may vary from casino to casino with some higher deposits being subject to higher wagering requirements. A no deposit bonus is the second way you can enjoy this bonus. As such, you won’t be required to deposit a single cent to play for real money. You’ll be given the spins freely and sometimes with no wagering requirements attached. Often, for you to cash out your winnings, some casinos will require you to make a specific deposit while other casinos are generous enough to allow you to withdraw your cash without any strings attached. If you have an account and a means of withdrawing your cash, you’ll be good to go. Currently, NetEnt casinos are renowned for offering this type of bonus. Read on to discover the other type of free spins bonus.

The third type of free spins bonus will require you to make a deposit but will come with free cash plus a given number of spins. Let’s say you deposit $20, and a casino offers a 100% deposit bonus, then you’ll be awarded an extra $20 to play with on top of a given number of spins. These spins may be credited to your account at once or gradually within a given number of days. What’s more, these type of casino bonus may also come with playthrough requirements, which you must satisfy in case you wish to withdraw your winnings. To top it off, some casinos may require you to present promotion codes before claiming these bonus while other online casinos prefer you don’t waste time entering these codes and jump straight into the action. Today, the deposit bonus and the no deposit bonus are the most common way of rewarding players with free spins.

How Can You Benefit From Free Spins?

The Free spins bonus has several advantages and knowing them can be helpful in the future. For starters, you need to find the right online casino that offers you either the best no deposit free spin bonus or deposit free spin bonus and register. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the casino’s terms and conditions before signing up. Subsequently, you’ll receive your spins either after making or not making a deposit (depending on the casino) which you can use to play a particular slot. Spins that don’t require you to make a deposit give you a chance to hone your skills before playing with your cash. If you win while playing with the free spins, you can decide to keep your winnings to boost your bankroll or withdraw them if you fulfill the casino’s terms and conditions. If you decide to keep your cash in your account, playing smart may increase your bankroll tremendously without even depositing cash at any given time dime.

There are several tips and guidelines that are helpful when playing with free spins. First, before you play a given slot with the spins, you have to be keen on the paylines. Modern slots can feature a multiple number of paylines like 20 or 100 across 3 or 5 reels. A winning combination is still made by matching symbols across the reels but paylines may run across the reels horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Consequently, playing with more paylines gives you a higher chance of having multiple winning combinations. If you hit several paylines at once, you’re likely to win big. Another important thing you should do when presented with free spins is to take them seriously and assume you were playing with your own money. Also, remember to claim them within a certain period of time as a vast number of online casinos give you a timeframe in which you should claim them.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

It may sound scary or complicated, but it isn’t. For starters, wagering requirements are among the terms and conditions outlined by a casino in relation to the bonuses it gives to players. Wagering requirements are represented by a number which is to be multiplied by your bonus amount. For instance, once you play with your free spins and win £50 and a casino requires you to satisfy a 20x wagering requirement, then it means you’ll have to make a total of £1000 in wagers before you can withdraw your cash. Some casinos may place wagering requirements not only on the cash you win from free spins but also on the initial deposit that you make if the spins were part of a deposit bonus. For example, if you deposit £50 and get a 100% deposit bonus (£50) with a 20x wagering requirement attached to it, neither your initial £50 deposit nor your £50 free cash is available for withdrawal. As such, both amounts (£100) must be wagered through 20x. This means that you have to wager £2000 before proceeding to make any withdrawal.

You might have asked yourself on one or two occasions why casinos have wagering requirements. Well, wagering requirements are a necessity for any online casino out there. Without them, casinos would be very reluctant to give sign up bonuses such as free spins which are very enticing for players. Normally, the wagering requirements are set by a casino to prevent individuals from just taking advantage of the bonuses on offer like free cash or free spins and never playing at the casino again. What’s more, casinos put in place wagering requirements to protect the bonuses they offer players and consequently offset the risk they take by issuing the bonuses. You can relate the wagering requirements with supermarket promotions which specify the number of items you can buy at a special price so that individuals don’t buy everything making other customers to miss out on the items. You may not admit it, but if there were no wagering requirements, you’d probably withdraw the cash and run!

Free Spins – Conclusion

Offering bonus offers such as free spins is an awesome way for online casinos to attract new players. To determine if a free spins bonus is ideal for you, you must find out everything you can about the bonus. First, you need to ask yourself, am I required to deposit any cash or not? The best scenario is when you’re not required to make any deposits to receive your spins as it means you don’t have to play slots with your cash. Nowadays, many online casinos have resorted to giving new players a certain number of spins once they make deposits. While this may not be awesome like receiving spins for free, it gives you a bonus to play with especially if your intention is to join and play on the site anyway. If you become a loyal player, some casinos will reward you with spins which may also depend on the amount of money you’ve raked up from playing for a given number of times.

Reading terms and conditions is also important before signing up at any online casino. In particular, wagering requirements determine whether it’s possible to withdraw the winnings you get from free spins or not. If you cannot locate the wagering requirements on a casino’s website, don’t assume that there aren’t any. Don’t jump with joy and assume that you’ll get all your winnings or free cash once you press the withdrawal button. Make a point of contacting the websites customer service and ask for their assistance in learning about their wagering requirements.

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