Big Rig Slot Review

Enjoy The Open Road In Big Rig With Free Spins And Lucrative Wins There are very few trucker-themed slot games out there. So, if you are into that sort of slot, you will love Big Rig. The game is developed by NuWorks for players who love the open road, some grease on their elbows and […]

Enjoy The Open Road In Big Rig With Free Spins And Lucrative Wins

There are very few trucker-themed slot games out there. So, if you are into that sort of slot, you will love Big Rig. The game is developed by NuWorks for players who love the open road, some grease on their elbows and southern comforts. The graphics of this game say it all, with images of trucks and the open road ushering you into the game. In addition, players get to enjoy country music on the “Radio” as they play for free spins and a bonus game. There is a huge jackpot waiting at the end of the road which makes this slots online game more exciting to play.

The First Impression Is Awe And Wonder

Because players do not see a lot of trucker-themed games, the first impression of The Big Rig Slots game is that it is quite unique. The graphics are all very well done and the music playing in the background is very immersive. Indeed, this game gives you all the southern comforts you can take in.

Suitable Bets And Wins For All Truckers

As mentioned, this is a game for those who love the open country road. All the graphics and symbols are molded to get you into that environment and mood, and this is done very well. Big rig, as with most other slots from Nuworks, is a 5-reel, 25 payline video slots game. It offers some bonuses, but the one thing that players will keep their eyes on are the minor and major jackpots provided in this game. Players can place bets as low as $1 with the maximum bet being $25 even when playing on mobile. Players can select the amount of bet they would like to place per line as well as the number of paylines they would like to play with. In addition, there is an autospin feature which is a little different. In Big Rig, players decide the number of times they would like the reels to spin, press the button with the corresponding number of spins and wait for the slot machine to do its magic.

The 25 paylines available in the Big Rig make it possible to win a multiple of your bet. Although the wins are not as huge as those offered by most other casino games, you still get an excellent RTP with some players claiming to win $80 on a single $1 bet. As you can deduce from this, Big rig gives you so many chances and different ways to win the main one being the jackpot. If you are new to online slot games, you will love this game as it is made with new players in mind. The plays are intuitive and you get a handy help section on the left of the slot machine. Apart from seeing your bets and wins, the game also gives you a section where you can view the balance remaining. To top it all off, you can play some trial runs without using real money.

The Driver, His Radio And His Trusty Companion

The main symbols in the game are a diner, some card symbols, Big Rig, radio, CB and the truck driver. There are two grouped wilds which are the letters B-I-G and R-I-G which appear on reels 2 and 4. The truck symbol is the scatter symbol, and although it does not replace any other symbol, it can give you a win of up to 200X your bet. It is important to note that this symbols also does not let you play bonus games.

Free Spins, Bonus Games, And A Mouth-Watering Jackpot

The symbols BIG and RIG trigger free spins. When they appear on reels 2 and 4, players are asked to choose which groups of letters they want. Pressing the words “Press to choose” under the letter B or R, a player is awarded 12 free spins for Big and seven spins for RIG.

As for the bonus game in the slot, as mentioned above, there are two choices. If you get both BIG and RIG to appear when playing using the free spins, you are awarded 12 more bonus spins. In case you are not able to spell out any of the two words, your wins are still doubled. So, a bonus game worth looking forward to.

As for the jackpot, Big Rig comes with two progressive jackpots; a minor one and a major one. The minor jackpot is activated when you reach 500.00 in winnings while the major one is activated when you reach 2500.00 in winnings. These jackpots are triggered only when you reach the levels mentioned above.

Play On Your PC And Mobile Devices

As with most other online slot games, you can play Big Rig Slot on any compatible devices. These include mobile phones, tablets, and computers. All that is required is a compatible browser and a good internet connection. Do note that a compatible browser means one that can play flash media as this game uses flash technology.

Experience The Open Road With Big Rig Slot

One of the things players will love about Big Rig is how real the open road experience is. The graphics are strengthened by the addition of the radio that plays soft country music. Apart from that, there are lots of chances to win including free spins and bonus games. Those who love casino bonuses will love this game as lots of websites let you play for these bonuses even without using real money. To some, the graphics do seem a bit dated, but because this game is so intriguing, this is not a problem. The reels do spin a bit slowly, but there is an option to alter the speed of the reels right on the slot game.

  • Five reels and 25 paylines
  • Two progressive jackpot options for the ultimate win
  • 10x and 200x multipliers during gameplay

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