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Amex Casino Bank Guide for Canadians

A credit card service from American Express, Amex provides online casino users with two cards that put the minds of their users at ease when it comes to security and ease of use. The two cards can be viewed as fraternal twins. They have a lot in common but they have a few notable difference. […]

A credit card service from American Express, Amex provides online casino users with two cards that put the minds of their users at ease when it comes to security and ease of use. The two cards can be viewed as fraternal twins. They have a lot in common but they have a few notable difference. The best part about using this payment method is that there is a myriad of online casinos that accept Amex as a form of payment or withdrawal. This form of payment comes with the assurance of security coupled with instant payment speed. This makes the use of this service one of the most popular choices for players when it comes to banking methods at an online casino.

  • Instant payment transactions when it comes to deposits and withdrawals
  • Large deposit and withdrawal limits
  • All your personal and purchase information are stored securely

Using Amex for Online Casinos

To use Amex as a form of payment in any online casino, look out for the American Express logo at the bottom of the site (the footer). Although a few casinos do not have the American Express logo on their footer, Amex is still widely used by a myriad of players in online casinos to make deposits and withdrawals. Even if the online casino accepts this form of payment, the same may not apply to the issuing bank. So you have to be careful and confirm whether your bank allows transactions of deposits and withdrawals to online casinos to avoid any disappointments.

One of the main reasons that many players, especially the high rollers, prefer Amex as a form of payment in an online casino is its impenetrable security reputation. With Amex, deposits and withdrawals for online betting and gambling happen instantly and in real time so you can get right to playing without wasting any time. online casinos that accept Amex as a form of payment tend to offer their customers registration bonuses for new users coupled with deposit bonuses. In most cases, the deposit bonus is the same as the deposit itself, doubling the money deposited in the account. This is not real money that can be withdrawn, however, players have to use this money in the casinos and the winnings made can then be withdrawn.

Getting a Prepaid Amex Card

Amex provides its customers with prepaid cards. These cards come in various types and the Amex Express Serve, the Express Serve FREE Reloads, the Express Serve Cash Back and the Prepaid RED Card are to name a few. Each card comes along with a monthly fee which varies according to the card. Acquiring these Prepaid cards is an easy process. All you have to do is visit the American Express official website and click on the prepaid cards link. Figure out the prepaid card that fits you as a person and from there you can go ahead and register for one. All they need is your basic information, name, country of residence and desired currency. Once done, you can go ahead and load the card using any of the accepted means. These are a credit card, debit card or direct bank transfer. After loading the card, you are ready to use it for deposits and withdrawals at your favourite online casino.

Using Amex in Canada

American Express are now offering their services in Canada including the use of the various Amex cards for making online payments. Amex Bank of Canada is the main issuer of these cards in the country. Using this mode of payment requires merchants who accept the card in Canada. Luckily, there is a number of Amex casinos online and players can enjoy these deposit and withdrawal services in these casinos. The bank offers quite a number of cards that Canadians can apply for and this includes debit, credit and prepaid cards. The quick, real-time online transactions keep making this form of payment as one of the most preferred.

Fees and Limits

Amex cards take a rather unorthodox approach when deducting fees. To clear the air, it should be noted that Classic American Express cards are not credit cards but charge cards instead. This means that the balance you charge on the card is due each and every month in full. Amex makes money on its cards by charging merchants an annual fee on every transaction. So instead of charging a specific fee each month, they charge whatever they think you can afford every month. The card does apply a limit, and this limit depends on the amount of money that comes into the account every month and the amount of money spent every month. If you would like to make a large deposit to an online casino, all you have to is ask and wait to see if your request will be accepted.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Amex

Using Amex as a form of payment in an online casino has its benefits, but it does have its drawbacks as well. One of the main benefits of using this card is its security. The card offers steel safe security and it offers its clients the best solutions when it comes to theft and fraud. The card gives you the option of adding a supplementary card of somebody you trust onto your own card. This means that when it comes to the Membership Rewards Scheme, you will earn points whenever they use the card. If you are a high roller and would like to make large deposits when you play, then Amex is your best option. As long as you have a bankroll to back your request for a large deposit from your account, then you are good to go.

The Amex payment method does have its drawbacks though. The main drawback is the fact that not many casinos accept this banking option to make deposits into your account. This is due to the strict gambling regulations that have been placed, especially in the United States. Since Amex is an American company, it has been greatly affected by these restrictions. The same can be said for most online casinos. Some casinos, a few though, still accept this form of payment and if you are a cardholder, and would like to use this form of payment specifically, you can still make an online casino Amex deposit. This means you can still enjoy your favourite games along with great offers and promotions. The disadvantage here is that you will not have a wide selection of casinos to choose from. Another disadvantage is that the fees from this card can be higher than other cards.

  • Safe and secure form of payment
  • Allows for large casino deposits
  • A small selection of casinos accept Amex as a form of payment
  • The fees charged tend to be a bit higher than other cards

A Short Review of Amex as a Form of Payment

In a nutshell, the use of Amex is one of the safest and most secure means to make deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. This, however, is wasted on the fact that there is a handful of casinos that accept this form of payment. The fact that Amex allows for large deposits as long as this is backed by a sturdy bank account will keep the high rollers stuck on using this form of payment. Deposits using this form of payment are quick and instantaneous and reflect almost immediately on your account. Withdrawals, on the other hand, could take up to 7 days to get reflected in your bank account.

Amex FAQ

How can I acquire an Amex card?

Acquiring an Amex card works in the same way as getting either a credit card. Simply apply for the card online via the official American Express site or over the phone. Once you qualify, you will be notified and you will get your card in the mail and you can now go ahead and make deposits in online casinos you fancy.

What is the transfer time when I use my Amex card in an online casino?

Deposits made into your casino account are instant when you use your Amex card. Withdrawals, however, take a longer time to be reflected. It could take around 3 to 7 business days on average for the withdrawal to be reflected on your bank account. This also depends on the country you reside.

Is it safe for me to use my Amex card for online casinos?

As long as you are dealing with a legitimate casino, making deposits using your Amex card is as safe as safe could be. Amex does not allow third parties to store your card information on their servers at all. This means that you will have to re-enter your information during every single transaction making it safe and secure.

Are there fees that are charged when making casino deposits?

Fees that are associated with Amex and deposits in casinos depend on the casino, therefore, they vary from one casino to the other. Some casinos have an additional charge while making deposits while others don’t. To avoid being surprised by charges you may not have known about, read the fine print to check for any additional fees.

Can I withdraw from a casino using an Amex card?

Making withdrawals using an Amex card depends on the casino that you are playing at. Some online casinos accept withdrawals using Amex cards while others do not accept it. This option, however, is fading and nowadays, fewer casinos are accepting this method as a form of withdrawing money from the casino.

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